Rating Systems

This page gives a breakdown of how films and computer & video-games shall be rated on I’ll be the Judge of That.


S – S Rank

The S Rank rating is reserved for those titles that are special, superb, stupendous, spectacular and so on and so forth, only a rare few are bestowed this honorable rank, so titles like God of War and Killzone 2 would be good examples of S rank-worthy games and The Matrix, Kickass and Scott Pilgrim, S Rank films.

A – Excellent

Bordering on perfection, titles awarded the A ranking are much deserving of your time and attention, and have little to no imperfections, expect brilliant graphics playability or story-lines.

B – Good

While not the best the industry has to offer, B rank titles are entertaining nonetheless and may call for repeat playing if only to skip to notably good sections.

C – Average

Unfortunately, like most media these days, there are very few things that are spectacular, most being merely average, with no call for repeat play.  Average graphics, playability and plot serve only to kill time, C rank titles represent the majority of what the computer & video-game/film industry has to offer these days.

D – Poor

D rank titles are of poor production value, don’t expect anything in the way of quality or originality, it’s generally a good idea to avoid these, definitely not worth your time or money.

F – Fail

Titles ranked F are so bad that I’ve skipped ‘E’ and gone straight to F-ail.  Avoid at all costs, These titles offer no redeeming qualities what-so-ever and shouldn’t even be in existence.

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