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As I’ll be the Judge of That has been going for a few years now, I decided that it was high time that I lose the ‘Judge Pow3rs’ moniker and introduce myself properly.  My name is Bradley and I hail from Cape Town, South Africa – I created this blog back in 2009 as a means of expressing myself.  Whether it’s a rant (rare these days), review or opinion piece on some randomness that caught my interest, I’ll be the Judge of That is my small contribution to the net.

This blog has blossomed into something I’m quite proud of, and I strive to deliver information that is accurate, informative and free of personal bias, though one needs to bear in mind that this is a self interest blog, and a lot of the content, such as film or music reviews are merely my opinion so whether you agree with me or not, I encourage all readers to leave a comment or two and welcome (note) constructive criticism.

Anyway, that’s all for now, when I’ve got something else to say I’ll be sure to add it here.


5 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Hi, I came across your site and wasn’t able to get an email address to contact you about some broken links on your site. Please email me back and I would be happy to point them out to you.

    Joel Houston

  2. Hi Joel,

    You are more than welcome to send a list of the broken links in the form of a comment on this page.

    Just went through my blogroll (been meaning to do this) and deleted a whole bunch of dead links, though for some reason the official UK PlayStation site doesn’t seem to work (perhaps they’re doing maintenance or something).

  3. Hi,

    Glad to see you are finally introducing yourself to the blog. Always enjoyed your reviews and it is great to meet the man responsible for the reviews that are, correctly, opinionated. Keep up the good work, and continue writing the way you want to, not many people have a talent like you.


  4. I’m a non technical gramma who bought the Samsung G3 Station TB1 over a year ago and didn’t open the box until a week ago.

    I download very small size files to it. Should I use this disk only for large downloads and then take it off line, rather than dribbling small files to it during the course of a day?

    When I leave the computer for more than 1/2 hour, the disk disengages from the system. I then have to unplug it from the system and power it up again to be recognized by the system.

    I have a MYBook HD that hums away day and night on the same system.

    Don’t expect you to diagnose from South Africa. Can you surmise whether I got a bum HD. I didn’t register it but I notice there is a 3-year warranty. Can’t find any place on the Samsung site that helps to answer this question.

    Thank you if you feel inclined to say something.

    Joan Pedersen

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