Genre: Indie rock, indie folk

Origin: Scotland

Frightened Rabbit definitely falls under the category of ‘lesser-known’ indie rock, and there is a distinct lack of information about this band probably due the lack of exposure and marketing.  Right from the onset, it is clear that this band is not exactly what the masses are accustomed to as Frightened Rabbit brings something new, something mellow and something awesome to the indie rock scene.

However, the lack of (initial) publicity isn’t necessarily a bad thing as time out of the spotlight has allowed the band, which initially only consisted of Scott Hutchison, who used to go out and do solo shows with recordings done on a tascam 4-track recorder, to hone their lyrical and musical skill and by the time they were signed to Brighton-based indie label, Fat Cat Records, they had garnered

The first major record label that Frightened Rabbit was assigned to.

a sufficient amount of fans and followers.  As it stands, Frightened Rabbit is now a five-piece consisting of; Scott Hutchison (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), his brother Grant Hutchison (drums, percussion, backing vocals), Billy Kennedy (lead guitar, bass guitar, backing vocals, keyboards), Andy Monaghan (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals) and Gordon Skene (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals).

Frightened Rabbit is of Scottish origin with the band hailing from Selkirk however, since 2004 the band have been based in Glasgow.  In May 2006, the band released their first studio album – Sing the Greys through local label, Hits the fan.  After a short tour in the United States, Fat Cat Records released a remixed/remastered version of Sing the Greys in the United States in October 2007.  After the release of their remastered album, the band then hit the USA for their first full tour.  Apart from the tour, the band had also recorded their second studio album – Midnight Organ Fight which was later released on April 15, 2008 as well as a live album entitled – Quietly Now! (aka Liver! Lung! FR!) in October that same year.

While the band toured in order to promote Midnight Organ Fight, Scott Hutchison had expressed interest in starting a third album and had been quoted in saying:

The theme I’m going for is pushing yourself out to the edge of things and being alone, feeling lost and not knowing where you are, which is how I’ve felt recently. It’s not all fun and games, but hopefully it’ll just be less obviously personal and brutal than the last record. Less oppressive.

Their third album entitled – The Winter of Mixed Drinks was released March 1, 2010 and has received much praise from critics.

Since I was unable to review each album individually here (given that I am relatively new to the band), I can really only gauge this band’s work as a collective, and collectively all of the albums are unique, inspired and well-constructed and will be pleasing to all indie rock aficionados.  Scott has a very mellow, laid-back voice and coupled with the backing vocals of his crew, Frightened Rabbit’s sound is unique and extremely relaxing to listen to even though the subject matter of the songs often deal with sorrow, loneliness and so forth .  Some notable songs include – The Greys, Go Go Girls, Good Arms Vs. Bad Arms, The Twist, Swim Until You Can’t See Land and The Wrestle.

So if you’re looking for a fresh, new sound and enjoy indie rock, do yourself a favour and check out Frightened Rabbit, the band is seriously underrated and with a bit more exposure and marketing they definitely have what it takes to break into the mainstream, and given their indie roots, it’s safe to say that increased success wont affect the quality of their work.  Definitely not for everyone however, as a person more accustomed to the likes of In Flames and Rammstein, I found plenty to like here regardless.  Highly recommended.