Genre: Industrial rock, electronic rock, alternative/rap rock

Release Date: 10 September 2010

Band Active: Yes

I’m not a huge Linkin Park fan, as given their track record, they only get it right half the time.  They started off as an alternative rock band but in between their ‘rock’ albums like Hybrid Theory (2000), the impressive and harder Meteora (2003) and finally Minutes to Midnight (2007), they consistently release collaborated/mixed/extended play albums like Reanimation (2002) or ‘Underground’ that should never have been made in the first place.  Now Linkin Park in all their wisdom have released their fourth studio album that seems to have completely removed itself from having any semblance of Rock in favour of shitastic whiny techno/electro pop ass-fuckery.

Let’s start with the cover art – it’s meant to be some kind of sunspot/glare thing from what I can gather but in actuality it’s an uninspired splotchy mess that seems to hurt my eyes when looking at it.

Cover art from the first album, how do you go from this to a blurry ink blotch...?

I really tried with A Thousand Suns, I listened to the album from start to finish (attempted a second time but lacked the insane level of effort it would’ve taken to do so), tried to remain objective but it’s impossible, after three pretty good rock albums, Linkin Park’s latest album fails on every level, none of the fifteen tracks should even be considered as rock in any form and in fact not all the tracks are even songs.  Instead they’ve integrated various sound bytes and samples from other shit (see; track 1, 2 & 4) and on top of that tracks 7, 11 & 13 are patronizingly weak and serve only as filler material.  The remaining 9 ‘songs’ are so bad, it’s like audio rape.

Mike Shinoda seems to be far more dominant in this album than Bennington, so if you’re a fan of Chester’s screechy, angst-filled voice you will be sorely disappointed.  As for ‘The Catalyst’ – which appears to be the only single, it is god-awful and sounds more like a bargain-bin rave song than anything else.

In conclusion, A Thousand Suns is the worst Linkin Park album of all time, it is completely irredeemable and devoid of anything remotely close to their previous work, or the genre they started out as.  This ‘experimental hip-hop tribute (to paraphrase Shinoda)’ album is nonsensical garbage and a slap in the face for all Linkin Park fans out there. Disgusting.