Genre: Action, drama, military

Studio: Studio Anima

Director: Kazuya Sasahara

Running Time: 22 minutes per episode

Number of Episodes: 12

Aired: 17 July 2010 – ??

I first saw the trailer for this series last year and was very impressed by it.  Planned as a 12 episode series, Cat Shit One episode 1 has aired, so is it any good? In a word – yes.  Instead of using the traditional 2D cell animation that’s synonymous with Japan, the animation studio has opted for using lifelike 3D animation and the result is quite impressive.  In fact the animation is so impressive that it makes me wonder whether or not the production company will be able to keep up the same level of quality consistently over 12 episodes. The animation is of film calibre and time will tell whether or not it stays that way.

The animation is superb and somewhat disturbing seeing as how cute and cuddly rabbits are running around shooting and stabbing 'people' as opposed to munching on lettuce...

The world is populated by anthropomorphic rabbits and camels – rabbits being the good guys (American equivalents no doubt) and camels representing the Middle-Eastern insurgents.  In the first episode, Cat Shit One and his partner must rescue a couple of prisoners and they manage to do it in a wonderfully realistic fashion.  Based upon a manga called Apocalypse Meow – a three-volume series created by Motofumi Kobayashi.  Unlike the manga, where the story is focused on a group during the Vietnam era, the Cat Shit One series has been updated to modern times and mimics the war in Iraq.

This scene reminded me of the gunship sequence in Transformers - simply awesome.

The one thing I think the Japanese should really improve upon is their choice of titles for their films and series.  I mean ‘Cat Shit One’ – what were they thinking?  I don’t think the Japanese really have a grasp of the English language and decide to use any string of English words for the title as this will be ‘undoubtedly edgy’.  Here’s a thought, if the Japanese have such arduous requirements for learning their language how about they take some time to learn ours?  Anyway, I shall be keeping a close eye on this series and see how it develops.  Do yourself a favour and watch this series and if possible, watch it in high-definition – it looks awesome.