Genre: Power metal, heavy metal

Release Date: 21 May 2010

Band Active: yes

This is the one album that I’ve been waiting for in anticipation since I heard that Jørn Lande would be returning as lead vocalist.  The first two albums that Lande fronted were absolutely brilliant and after the half-baked MK II (sans Lande) album in 2007 – Time to be King was ‘a new hope’.

Sadly, Time to be a King left me feeling underwhelmed.  The album seems to be lacking some core component that made the first two albums so fantastic.  Even with Jørn Lande’s amazing voice, the songs seem to be rather uninspired though I quite liked Fiddle of Time, Far from the End of the World (which I had previously heard on the EP) and the bonus track – Kisses from You (which I might add sounded very Queen-like).

It seems that the band is incapable of outputting the same sort of songs –  Spirit Never Die, Sail On, Crawling from Hell, Crimson Rider and Into the Arena – that attracted me to the band in the first place.  Too much droning and not enough power metal is the main problem in my opinion.  Either there is a lack of energy in the band or I’m getting old, Masterplan – Time to be King just doesn’t have the same ‘oomph‘ as its predecessors and sadly Lande’s singing isn’t that great when not in a power metal environment (I’ve heard his solo stuff and it’s horrible) and that’s just what this album lacked – power.

I’ve decided that it’s futile to excitedly wait for new albums of once-great bands as invariably it’ll end in disappointment (I acquired the latest albums of NIN and Eisbrecher to see what they were up to and regretted it immediately).  Though fans may enjoy this album, I for one didn’t and will seek out other power metal bands in an effort to fill the void that was left behind after Masterplan and Aeronautics.