Genre: Alternative, symphonic, progressive rock

Release Date: 14 September 2009

Band Active: Yes

Muse isn’t a band that really got my attention to begin with, from hearing them on TV or online, their musical style never really appealed to me.  The Resistance is the first full album of the band that I’ve acquired and it’s clear to me that you’d really have to be a fan of Muse in order to really enjoy the album, which I find to be mediocre at best.

In my experience, the work of a band generally degenerates over time, usually the first couple of albums are really great and then after a while the musical style becomes somewhat stale since often times once a band has established a successful formula they tend to stick with it – however there’s always the exception, with System of a Down and Rammstein topping my list.  I can then only assume that Muse’s earlier albums are superior to The Resistance but after listening to it I highly doubt that I’d be compelled to hear their previous works.

I find lead vocalist, Matthew Bellamy’s voice to be somewhat tedious and monotone though it must be said that the variety of musical instruments ranging from guitars to synthesizers is quite impressive, giving the band a rather unique flavour.  To me most of the songs sound similar with one track blending into the next however; United States of Eurasia reminded me of a Queen song so there’s that at least.

Overall, if you’re a Muse fan (judging from how well-received this album was) you’ll probably enjoy it however casual listeners may want to look elsewhere.