If you are a regular on my blog, you will notice that I have changed the theme as well as the header, this will be the first of many tweaks, alterations and general formatting of I’ll be the Judge of That.  As we head towards the beginning of a new decade I thought some changes would be appropriate, so expect more posts, some categories falling away as well as a few posts migrating to my sister blog, Instant Pudding Princess, which include any posts on comic-books, Japanese Weirdness & My Collectibles.

If you find that there are broken links (due to the theme change) in any of the posts feel free to report it in the form of a comment to the relevant post.  With that been said I’d like to thank all the people who have visited my blog over the last 10 months or so, even though 57, 735 (at the time this article was posted) hits may be a paltry amount in internet terms, I’m very pleased with the number and hope that this blog will continue to rise to greater heights in the unforeseeable future.

Judge Pow3rs.