Dexter – Season 4

After being a dearly devoted Dexter fan (excuse the pun) for a number of years now, I often thought that the series should have ended after season two.  I didn’t really like the direction that Michael C. Hall‘s character was taking in the third season what with Rita’s pregnancy, Dex making  a friend and finally Dex’s marriage to Rita but all has been forgiven with the arrival and shocking conclusion of the fourth season.

This time around, Dexter must contend with the ‘Trinity Killer’ played by the always brilliant John Lithgow, as well as being a family man to his three children and wife, and all the while keeping his ‘Dark Passenger’ satiated.  As usual, the series is filled will surprise and suspense at every turn, but season four’s finale must be the most shocking yet, so If you’re a Dexter fan make sure that you don’t miss it!  On another note, it’s going to be a very long wait for season five and there’s a rumour that the fifth season may be set some years after the events in the latest season (though I don’t like the idea).  Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.