When I say rage, I’m not referring to Rage, but rather the emotion; ie – intense anger, so yes it’s that time again, a special time where I allow a tiny amount of my bottled rage to seep through and present itself in the form of an article on this blog, and my target is Eskom.

Eskom generates about 95% of the electricity used in South Africa, unfortunately due to the company’s short-sightedness, a lot of South Africans spent a great deal of time in 2007 & 2008 in darkness due to a wonderful thing called load-shedding.

“When there is not enough electricity available to meet the demand from all Eskom’s customers, it could be necessary to interrupt supply to certain areas. This is called load shedding.” – Eskom.

Even though Eskom scheduled their load-shedding for specific times, the power would never go out when they said it would, making it impossible to predict when a blackout would strike.  Now the problem that I have with that, is that if one were to be using their PC for whatever reason, a sudden loss of power causes the machine to suddenly switch off and since it’s a PC the hard drive/s do not have sufficient time to spin down like they’re supposed to when you switch them off.  As a result, the needles on the drives will damage the platters totally wrecking your hardware and of course all your precious data, and if that’s not enough, when the power is unexpectedly turned back on, a sudden spike of power can pretty much trash the rest of your PC, like the CPU or motherboard.

So who the fuck pays for your damaged hardware and loss of data?  Sure if your hardware is still under warranty you could return it, but if you’ve had your PC for a couple of years you are fucked.  Eskom aren’t liable (or so they say) and I’m sure there are plenty of people in South Africa (myself included) who had to return a piece of hardware because Eskom’s fucking load-shedding bullshit trashed it.  A couple days ago I experienced a brief power spike, it managed to knock out my PS3, causing the screen to go black while the console proceeded to beep at me twice (I tested the console afterward and it worked fine thankfully), sadly my brother wasn’t so fortunate as the power spike killed his 19″ LCD monitor.  My PC has a UPS, but my brother doesn’t and so now what?  I feel that Eskom being the main provider of power in this country, has a responsibility to ensure that paying customers be given uninterrupted power.  If the ANC (the current ruling party in SA and also destroying the country like a cancer) hadn’t fucked around for a decade we wouldn’t be in this fucking mess, so what happens now? Eskom has taken a 1.86 billion euro loan to build a new power plant, so expect taxes to rise as well as the cost of power, which Eskom wants to increase annually by 45%, that is what happens when you place short-sighted, fucking morons in control of a power plant, with upper management earning salaries of 500k and beyond, and people wonder why South Africa is the way it is…