Creed – Full Circle

Genre:  Post-grunge, hard-rock

Release date:  27 October 2009

Band Active:  Yes

Creed is one of those bands that people either love or hate, though it seems to be the music industry doing most of the hating.  Hailing from Tallahassee, Florida, Creed had much success with their three multi-platinum selling albums, and despite all their success they disbanded in 2004.

There is some speculation as to why such a successful band broke up, and I think most of the blame can be placed on Scott Stapp, the lead vocalist.  Scott Stapp is, to put it bluntly; a fuck up.  He’s gifted with a deep and powerful voice and may seem to be holier than thou, what with his moving lyrics and voice, but Mr. Stapp is something of a basket case.  Reckless driving, wife beating and even a suicide attempt top the list of stupid shit he’s been involved in.  Anyway, in 2007  Creed got back together and almost two years later they released their latest album in 2009, Full Circle, so does it offer anything new for fans? In a word, no.

Full Circle sounds just like their previous three albums, and while those albums might have sounded fantastic back in the ’90s, Full Circle just doesn’t offer the listener anything new, and we’re met with the same old tired, droning of Stapp which tends to be a little disconcerting as each song melds into the next, you’re not really sure where once song ends and the next begins.  None of the songs on this album really offer any hooks so it’s not very likely that you’ll be humming their songs on your way to work/school, or whatever the case may be, however I did like the songs; Suddenly and On My Sleeve but they’re nowhere near as good as Higher, With Arms Wide Open or Bullets, three brilliant songs from previous albums.

Track Listing:

  1. Overcome
  2. Bread of Shame
  3. A Thousand Faces
  4. Suddenly
  5. Rain
  6. Away in Silence
  7. Fear
  8. On my Sleeve
  9. Full Circle
  10. Time
  11. Good Fight
  12. The Song you Sing
  13. Silent Teacher (iTunes pre-order bonus track)

I could only recommend this album for die-hard Creed fans, I don’t think Full Circle is something that would interest the modern Metal fan or even those with only a passing interest in Rock.  It’s been almost nine years since their last studio album, and judging from the band’s latest release, I think it’s time that they disband for good.

Score: 2/5