The sardonically named ‘reSTART’ is an internet addiction clinic that opened in the States, the first of its kind, in July.  I’m guessing ‘reSTART’ refers to ‘giving life a restart or second chance’.  The concept isn’t a new one, South Korea and China have had these sort of clinics for sometime already, the latter employing extreme methods, including ‘shock therapy’.

reSTART also covers texting addiction and gaming.  Now, in my opinion I find the concept of an internet addiction clinic to be ludicrous, and their mission statement absurd.  Here’s the problem that I have, their 45 day program costs $14, 500 (and there are other non-inclusive fees too).  Let’s look at this logically, a drug addict, for example will end up selling all of his possessions in order to get his next fix, in the end he has nothing.  It’s for this reason that a lot of drug rehab clinics are relatively affordable, because they understand you have nothing, the techniques they employ include saunas (to help you sweat out the toxins), exercise and so on, and they’re all relatively inexpensive.  However, reSTART’s fees are extortion, here’s how they justify it;

“Many people are amazed by the high cost of attending the reStart program ($14,500, plus other fees, potentially). It is a lot of money. When you are thinking about this, however, we would ask you to consider a number of things:

— Many inpatient and wilderness awareness programs cost this much (and many times more) for 30 days. Our program is 45 days.

— A program like this costs a great deal to run.

There is a trained licensed therapist present at almost all times,

There is a vocational/recreational coach present at almost all times,

The primary therapist (Cosette) maintains a severely restricted private practice in order to be present and provide 1×1 sessions daily for program participants.

The coach (Gary), likewise, earns his living from this, now, not his earlier career.

The program hires individuals from the community to provide specialized services needed by the clients (e.g. a yoga instructor, recreational instructor, and someone to cover on Sunday, so the family can have a break from program work, etc.).

In addition, the setting which houses the reSTART program is expensive to own and operate.”

There are plenty on non-profit organizations strewn throughout America who deal with drug addiction, they too have large grounds in which they operate, and it’s all relatively affordable.  reSTART claims they use the ‘cold-turkey’ method.  Okay, so If I understand this, they will cut you off completely from internet, cellphones and games, all of which ARE costly.  So if there’s none of that technology floating around the ‘patient’ will be doing things like going for walks, Yoga (which is pretty inexpensive), arts and crafts  and so on.  Where the fuck do they get $14, 500 from, who can afford that?  Unless they’re employing China’s tactics, 45 days won’t cut it.  Sure when your at the clinic there’s nothing to tempt you, but in the real world human beings are surrounded by technology, it’s inescapable.  This so called ‘addiction clinic’ is just a scam that preys on the gullibility of parents.  If the child still lives with the parents then it’s their duty to monitor the child’s internet usage, or game-play time.  Hell that’s what my parents used to do, I had allocated times for which I could do certain things.

The reason why so-called ‘institutes’ like reSTART are able to flourish is because lazy-as-fuck parents, too busy with their ‘careers’ or not being attentive enough, leave the kids to fend for themselves and so as a result, the kids seek  alternative methods to entertain themselves and do so in unmonitored excess.   So for parents, get off your fat lazy asses and take some interest in your child’s life and for the people at reSTART, stop ripping people off with your bullshit and get real jobs!