Imogen Heap


I first encountered Imogen Heap while watching an Azumanga AMV, that used the song ‘Must be Dreaming’ off of the one and only Frou Frou album, ‘Details’.

From there, I attained ‘Details’ only to learn that Frou Frou had disbanded after having only released one album.  I love Frou Frou, so I was very pleased to learn that Imogen Heap had been working on her solo career for a number of years already.  Heap’s solo work sounds quite similar to Frou Frou, which I’m very thankful for as usually when a band breaks up or goes on hiatus to do their own thing their work is invariably inferior.  A few examples; System of a Down’s ‘hiatus’ splitting the band, Serj Tankian going solo doesn’t work very well, his ‘Elect the Dead’ album (2007) was very mediocre.  Likewise with Scars on Broadway, founded by SOAD members, Daron Malakian and John Dolmayan, whose only decent song is the single, ‘They Say’.  Jørn Lande sounded great in Masterplan but I find his solo work to be dreadful, much like ex-lead vocalist of Nightwish, Tarja.

Imogen Heap, is a Grammy nominated English singer and songwriter.  Judging from her appearance and musical style, she’s a bit of an oddball.  Her musical style seems to be of an experimental nature, comprising of an amalgamation of; electronica, pop, rock, indie and ambient themes (no doubt there are many other styles packed in her work), resulting in a very mellow/relaxed sound for the most part.  Heap’s vocals have a very rhythmic, dream-like quality and tone, combined with powerful and deep lyrics which make for a rewarding audio experience.

To date, Imogen heap has released three solo albums.

iMegaphone (1998)


iMegaphone is the first album recorded by then-20 year old British singer-songwriter, Imogen Heap. It was released in 1998, and features the singles, “Getting Scared,” “Shine,” “Come Here Boy” and “Oh Me, Oh My” (released to US radio only). The title is an anagram of “Imogen Heap.”

Speak for Yourself (2005)


Speak for Yourself is the second solo album by British singer Imogen Heap, following her collaborative effort with Guy Sigsworth as Frou Frou. It was released on July 18, 2005 in the UK, on November 1, 2005 in the USA, Canada and Mexico, and re-released through White Rabbit/Sony BMG in the UK on April 17, 2006. The album was written, produced, arranged, and funded by Heap, without the backing of a record label, and features guest appearances from Jeff Beck, who does a guitar solo on “Goodnight And Go”, and Heap’s boyfriend, Richie Mills, who argues with her on “The Moment I Said It.” It was released in the UK through her own label, Megaphonic Records, in a special digipak created specifically by Heap, before being licensed to White Rabbit/Sony BMG in 2006 for the UK and international markets. It is licensed to Sony BMG imprint RCA Victor in the USA, where the first run of 10,000 copies were copy protected and encased in the digipak (further editions are in a standard jewel case with a cardboard slipcase). As of June 2009, it has sold 425,000 copies in the USA according to Nielsen SoundScan

“Hide And Seek” and “Goodnight And Go”, the album’s lead and second single respectively, were both featured in episodes of the US TV drama The O.C., as was “Speeding Cars”. “The Moment I Said It” was used in the Criminal Minds episode called “Seven Seconds”. “Can’t Take It In” was featured in film The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. “Clear The Area” was sampled by rapper / lyricist Saint.

Ellipse (2009)


Ellipse is the third studio album from British singer–songwriter Imogen Heap. The album’s title was confirmed by Heap via her Twitter page on April 25, after being leaked onto the internet on April 23. On June 15, Heap confirmed that the album will be released on August 24 in the United Kingdom and August 25 in the United States/Canada. International release date is also August 24. The album was leaked to fileshare and torrent sites after the it was put up in streaming format on her website on August 17, 2009.