7456758In a surprise move, Sony have announced a new slimmer model of their flagship console, the PlayStation 3.  Due for release at the start of September (in the States I imagine).  A South African release is rumoured to be around October.  The best thing about this new version is the massive price deduction, good news indeed for anyone apprehensive about shelling out the R5500 that these consoles retail for in S.A.  Microsoft have reportedly slashed the price of their XBox 360 consoles by $100 in response to Sony’s move.

The new slim model has 120GB storage and is set to replace the current 80GB models (which will be sold at a reduced price as well).  The new console is reportedly 36 percent lighter than the previous model, 32 percent smaller, and uses 34 percent less power.

One factor that raises some concern for me is overheating issues, the PS2 slim was plagued with them but Sony eventually rectified the problem.  Guess we’ll just have to wait and see how well the new PS3 fares after extended playtime.