X-Men Origins: Wolverine



Genre:  Action, comic-book adaption

Director:  Gavin Hood

Running Time:  110 mins

Released:  29 April 2009 (South Africa)

Plot:  The history of the X-Men’s most mysterious member is revealed, with Logan out for revenge against Sabertooth as well as joining the Weapon-X program that bonded his skeleton with the indestructible metal, adamantium.

I was quite surprised to hear that Gavin Hood, a South African filmmaker, was responsible for directing this film, especially since the last film I remember him making was the god-awful Tsotsi.  Well he has redeemed himself with his latest release as I thoroughly enjoyed the Wolverine film.

There has been some criticism though regarding the film as a lot of outraged fans have picked holes at the plot, or saying that it deviates from the original Wolverine Origin tale.  Here’s a newsflash, X-Men Origins: Wolverine as well as the three X-Men films are (say it with me) adaptations, there are ALWAYS differences between the source material and the retelling.


I enjoyed the film and I’m a huge X-Men/comic-book fan.  It was an action-packed, entertaining and visually stunning film as well as humourous thanks to Logan’s one-liners as well as the inclusion of Deadpool (make a Deadpool film!!) played by Ryan Reynolds, excellent choice indeed.

Sure they changed some of the characters here and there and the plot was altered but at the end of the day it boils down to entertainment, and in that respect it has succeeded.  So I’d recommend watching this film as it’s sure to not disappoint.


Wade Wilson: Great, stuck in an elevator with 5 guys on a high protein diet.
Wade Wilson: Oh Wade!
Wade Wilson: Dreams really do come true.
William Stryker: Now just shut it! You’re up next.
Wade Wilson: Thank you sir, you look really nice today. It’s the green, it brings out the seriousness in your eyes.
Logan: Oh my God, do you ever shut up, pal?
Wade Wilson: No, not while I’m awake.

Score 4/5