Frou Frou


Genre:  Electronic, with elements of trip-hop, pop and rock.

Frou Frou were a British electronic music duo composed of Imogen Heap and Guy Sigsworth.  After releasing their only album, Details, in 2002 (with Heap providing vocals) they disbanded in 2003.

The name Frou Frou (pronounced froo froo) was chosen by Sigsworth himself derived from from the 1870 Rimbaud poem, “Ma Bohème,” and is French onomatopoeia for the swishing noise made by skirts on dancing women.  Frou-Frou is also the name of Count Vronsky’s tragic horse in Tolstoy‘s Anna Karenina.

Frou Frou’s sound is a unique and intricate one, comprised of a myriad of instruments including cellos, autoharps, guitars, keyboards, and Indian drums layered with Heap’s vocals.  All this combined creates a wonderfully mellow and relaxing sound.

It’s just a pity that they disbanded, Details reached critical acclaim and the band had gathered a cult following, problem is that none of the other songs were as popular as Breathe In (their first single released internationally) although I feel that Must Be Dreaming is by far the best song.

Since disbanding Heap has carried on with her solo career, having released several albums and has been nominated for two Grammy Awards.  I’m not sure as to the availability of Details in stores (I somehow doubt I’ll see it in South Africa) but you may be able to get it on import albeit expensively.