Genre:  Power metal, neoclassical

Since Masterplan went down the crapper after Jørn Lande left the band, I decided to seek out an alternative power metal/speed metal band in an effort to fill the void, and found Galneryus completely by accident.

Perhaps the weirdest thing for me is that the band hails from Osaka, Japan of all places.  Japan isn’t the first place that pops into my head when the word power metal is uttered.  Nonetheless I was intrigued and decided to give them a try, first listening to their fourth full length album One for All – All for One and found myself pleasantly surprised.

Formed in 2001 by guitarist Syu and vocalist Yama-B, Galneryus is able to hold its own in the power metal world, after releasing five full studio albums, two DVDs and several music videos which rocketed them towards success, upon releasing their first EP, United Flag, they quickly gained the attention of music fans and independent Japanese record labels.

Notable songs include New Legend and Shriek of the Vengeance, two brilliant songs worthy of recognition.  Unfortunately it was announced that Yama-B would be leaving the band at the end of their Back to the Flag tour, how this will affect the sound of the band remains to be seen but in my experience, when lead singers leave it destroys the band, *cough* Nightwish *cough*.