Mac-owned again


A friend of mine was telling me about a guy who took his sister down to the ‘Apple Centre’ at the Waterfront in Cape Town in order to get his sister an iPod.

So he and his sister walk to the counter in order to make their purchase and while they wait he notices that on one of stores monitors, they had a VM running with *pauses for dramatic effect* Windows, which they were using in order to run their accounting/stock taking software and noted that it was in the corner of the screen as if they were trying to hide it.

“When I first saw this I just packed out laughing”.  Well who wouldn’t?  It’s just so unbelievably pathetic that an overpriced elitist product which prides itself on being better and more capable than PCs can not even handle something as simple as a progam for keeping track of stock and like flies to shit, sure enough people (MacFags) flock to these stores to fork over their cash for these ‘fisher-price’ computers.