Tales of the Black Freighter


Genre:  Animation, short, psychological horror

Director:  Mike Smith & Daniel Delpurgatorio (co-director)

Running Time:  25 mins

Released:  24 March 2009

Plot:  After surviving an attack from dreaded pirates of the Black Freighter, a mariner fights to return to his home town and warn the people of the incoming pirate scourge.

Since the Watchmen comic within a comic, Tales of the Black Freighter, was omitted from the Watchmen film (read my review) I guess Zack Snyder felt it only fitting to bring this morbid tale to screens as well so that audiences who’ve seen the Watchmen film but haven’t read the comics will see this too.

Overall I think this adaption is very faithful to the original story, it’s bloody, violent and the animation is pretty good too.  Gerhard Butler was a welcome inclusion in the film, voicing the mariner.  As a bonus, the DVD/Blu-ray release also comes with Under the Hood, a mock documentary accounting the exploits of Hollis Mason during his time spent with the Minutemen.

Score 4/5