America, ‘the alienated nation’

I love movies and in my opinion when it comes to live action film America does it best, just not enough of the time for the most part.  They have military level budgets and near inexhaustable resources in which to produce films but when the time comes to transfer the original media (be it book, game etc) to screen they fuck it up beyond redemption a lot of the time.  It’s like Satan stopped using demons to spread misery around the world by recruiting Hollywood directors to do his bidding in exchange for ludacris salaries.

Firstly, Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li.  A movie based on the ever popular Street Fighter franschise, the focus of the film (as you’ve guessed) is on Chun Li a Chinese, undercover Interpol agent and I will stress this, CHINESE!!!  Andrzej Bartkowiak, the director,  in all his wisdom has given the role of Chun Li to Smallville’s Kristin Kreuk (although hot) a fucking Canadian actress…CANADIAN!!!  Is there suddenly a shortage of Chinese actresses in the world?

Oh and I haven’t forgotten about the new Dragonball film, Goku (a Japanese character)  is being played by Justin Chatwin another Canadian actor, did you people even, oh I don’t know, consider using a JAPANESE actor?!! I mean there’s enough of them in the world and they’re pretty good at it too.  The funny thing is that the asian supporting characters will be played by actual asian actors, the only reason I think of for using Americans (in this case Canadians) for the protagonists is so as not to completely alienate the American audience.  Lastly, the American version of Akira is due for release in 2011, the original story is set in Neo Tokyo (Tokyo) but since Tokyo isn’t in America it will be set in *gasp* America and thus will be filled with Americans.  ‘Alienated nation’ indeed.