The Prodigy – Invaders Must Die


Genre: Electonic, big beat, rave

I was quite pleased to hear not so long ago that The Prodigy would be releasing their new album in February of 2009 and that it would feature all three band members, the first time since their 1997 album The Fat of the Land.  Yay for Keith Flint.

However, I was not impressed at all with this album.  I was expecting kick-ass beats with drum ‘n bass incorporation much like their first few albums that made songs like Firestarter and Breathe so awesome but instead, much to my disgust, I was greeted with soulless, monotonous electro dribble that made me want to drive rusty forks into my ears.  I did not find a single song that spoke to me (the type of song that lodges itself into your brain and you find yourself humming repeatedly).  The band said that it would be going back to their old-school roots with the Invaders album so what happened exactly?

I can only think that Invaders Must die was a response to Pendulum (another electronic band) and their work, a band who saw a gap in the market during Prodigy’s absence.  C’mon Invaders Must die, seriously?

Score 1/5